Comparison of the boundaries between Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro from OSM data

Last day I was online in twitter like always, I saw one tweet that tell me I can play with boundaries from OpenStreetMap data. The tweet was ” Fun with administrative boundaries in using ITO Map: Zoom globally. Details here: “. After this I was inspired to analize two see the diference from Kosovo data and others countries near Kosovo. I think the best country with data is Albania not for accurate data but for details with all leves of bounderes, than is Kosovo with all data about cities and after that come Serbie with data in some parts of Serbia, and I think in Macedonia and Montenegro we need more and more data for bounderies. Pictures can tell you more details.

This picture is for Kosovo.


This picture is for Albania.


Those pictures are for Serbia.


This picture is for Macedonia


This picture is for Montenegro.



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